Combined hot-water and ethanolic extracts of wild-crafted, birch-grown Siberian Chaga (Inonotus obliquus). Contains 30% polysaccharides and 3% triterpenes (betulinic acid derivatives and related compounds).

£19.95 – 60 x 500mg vegetarian capsules

£99.95 – 250g bulk powder


Chaga – Kabanoanatake – Bai Hua Rong

Popular in Russia and Eastern Europe, only Chaga growing on birch trees has traditionally been used and contains high levels of betulinic acid and other phenolic components derived from the bark of the birch trees on which it grows.

MycoNutri Chaga uses only aqueous extract of wild-harvested, birch-grown chaga with high levels of polysaccharides and betulinic acid derivatives.